Host a House Concert

Dan Curcio has been performing live shows for over 12 years now. He has played to thousands of people at festivals and has been part of the most sold out shows of any act at his hometown music venue SLO Brew. For him, still nothing compares to the shared experience and soulful intimacy of a house concert.


"Some of the best music experiences of my life have been playing to 30 people in a living room. To have focused collective energy on my songs in one intimate space and then have the chance to meet and talk with everyone there is such an awesome honor and privilege."


Hosting a house concert is a unique and unifying experience for you and your guests. Dan's goal is to make a soulful and personal connection with each one of your guests ​through his original ​music. We've laid out a comprehensive info sheet that explains how to host a house concert. 


If you're interested in hosting a house concert please email steph@comealiveentertainment.com to plan a date and go through the easy steps to make it happen!