"Bonfire" was written and recorded by Dan Curcio in a yurt in the hills of a small California beach town called Cayucos.  Anyone familiar with a yurt (a large circular canvas tent) knows that there isn't a lot of soundproofing to be done to those walls so if you listen closely you can hear birds chirping and maybe the occasional "moo" from a cow across the valley.  Curcio feels that this added to the raw beauty of this album that, like most of his music, seamlessly blends modern and retro into a distinct yet diverse sound.  From a heartfelt song about old friends "Easy" to a trance like modern take on Rage Against the Machine's "Bullet in the Head" this album has a wide variety of styles and influences that meld together to create a sense of gathering around the bonfire as Curcio  sings us both to sleep and to wake up.



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